1-1 Career Counselling & Group Workshops

For Individuals, Businesses and Educators

Bossed Consulting provides 1-1 career counselling and workshops that facilitate a process of discovery to help people make career decisions that are right for them.

For Individuals

Clarity. Direction. Purpose. Understanding. Confidence. More...

For Educators

Support. Inspire. Enrich. Empower. More...

For Businesses

Attract. Engage. Develop. Support. More...

Why Bossed Consulting?

Bossed Consulting is committed to encouraging and facilitating individuals to take responsibility for their careers to help them achieve their goals.

Using a variety of tools, techniques and a supportive approach, Bossed Consulting helps people gain greater understanding to make clear career decisions.

Find out about Jill Weekes, founder of Bossed Consulting here...