This is me...

Jill Weekes


I started my career working for a Marketing Consultancy specialising in the IT industry, consulting for International and Global Software companies. It was a steep learning curve and a great experience, where I learned a lot, but I didn't find it satisfying. I then got an opportunity to work as a Marketing Manager for a recruitment company on a 3 month contract. 3 months led to 8 years, and my work there included Operations, Marketing, Process Improvements, IT systems, Recruitment, HR, Quality and everything else a small business needs! Again, I enjoyed the role as it was varied and I learned a lot, but something was missing.

In 2012, I took the opportunity to travel, so I spent 5 years abroad (mostly in Australia & Thailand) where I worked as an Independent Recruiter as well as undertaking project work for a Medical Publications Company, A Football App, a Tech Marketing Consultancy and a Property business.

In 2017, I returned to the UK and continued within recruitment, however I always had a feeling I wanted something else. But what? I took time out to reflect and consult a Career Coach, who helped me to realise what my interests were and what I was good at. I came to the realisation that supporting people with their own career decisions is what I wanted to do.

The combination of my background in recruitment, my desire to help people, coupled with a deep interest in psychology led me to the make the move to Career Counselling in 2020. I qualified as a CCS Career Coach and enjoy working with individuals, educators and businesses, to support people with their career decisions. I am also further developing my qualifications in Therapeutic Counselling.


I am a 'project' person. I like to have a clear starting point and a clear end point. I need time and space to think and reflect.

I am logical, pragmatic and quite analytical but I am also creative (ideas, not artistic!)

I find people interesting, recognising that everyone's experience is completely unique. I’m non-judgemental, empathetic, approachable, thoughtful, conscientious and loyal. I'm also a great listener.


To get in touch, please email or you can call, text or What's App me on +44 7548 773052. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn.

I live in Yorkshire, UK but I work with clients across the UK and with English-speaking international clients, with all sessions delivered over Zoom or Google Meet.

"I genuinely LOVE to see people thrive and am honoured to facilitate the discovery for my clients. From a place of being lost, confused, unhappy or disillusioned, I help people find clarity & direction, which is immensely satisfying and for me is an honour & privilege." - Jill